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    The brand which is now known as Miguel Nieto SL began its journey in the early twentieth century. In 1987 it acquired its current name, and this name means the ultimate in sporting knives made in Spain. Yes, made in Spain,  since Miguel Nieto is one of the few Spanish manufacturers who can proudly claim that its products are manufactured (including sheaths) at its plant in Albacete.
    Its range of knives and pocket knives is an extraordinary blend of industry knowledge and craftsman perfection. Its latest series of handmade knives are certainly unique. .



    When a sporting knives buff says "Muela", everyone knows what he is referring to. He is probably referring to the hunting knife that has touched the hearts of the fans for both its extreme industrial quality and craftsmanship put into its details. This has been a constant in Muela since its setting upo 50 years ago, and is what has made this brand what it is today, a Spanish reference that appears in the most important specialized catalogs and magazines worldwide .



    Undoubtedly the most famous brand name in the world of pocket knives. Who has not seen, or even heard of the "Swiss Army Pocket Knives"  with their red handle and the famous cross as a logo. Since 1884 these knives represent the characteristics of the country where they are manufactured: excellent quality, ingenuity and know-how.

    From the most basic one, to such complete pocket knife as the SwissChamp model, they all share the famous stainless steel blade that cuts like no other and the quality that has made Victorinox   a timeless classic.



    Unmistakable representative of cutlery made ​​in Albacete (the Spanish  "Solingen ") , Arcos proudly boasts of its over 260 years making excellent knives and derivatives. Today is a giant that sends its products worldwide.

    Its huge range of products meets the demands of the most demanding consumers . But it is technology which has trained Arcos to develop and produce such extraordinary knives series as the "Saeta" and "Kyoto" ones . 



    The best knives in the world! Not what we say, what they say in Fällkniven . Only we comment that the Swedish brand was set up in 1984. In 1995, after eight years of development and research, and competing with the major companies in the sector, Fällkniven produced for the Swedish Air Force its F1 knife, quickly becoming a bestseller worldwide . The use of powder steel makes its range of knives and pocket knives one of the most exclusive in the world. 



    The unmistakable silhouette of the  chesnut tree has been characterizing the company since its origins in the seventeenth century. And the truth is that since then Böker represents the highest quality and reliability in the production of knives and razors. The noblest materials employed in the handles, and steels and other materials from their blades, make each product leaving the factory in Solingen a masterpiece of modern industry.  



    Who does not know today in Spain the mark "3 Claveles" (3 Carnations); to mention it it´s synonymous with the highest quality scissors of any kind. What many people do not know is that this brand, along with scissors, manufactures a variety of high quality products .

    It all began in 1930 , when Bueno  brothers  started  in a small craft workshop. Logroño factory currently has more than 20,000 m2, the most advanced technology , and the brand is present in the most important countries in the world , thanks, among other things , to its extensive and well structured product range 



    The famous brand whose silhouette is a couple of twins, is set up in Solingen in 1731. Since then, the brand slogan is: "The satisfaction of our customers is our success; anyone is a client ". And there must be millions of satisfied customers with the brand: its products are sold in over 100 countries, and in its catalog can be found either unparalleled  manicure sets, or the most applauded  kitchen  scissors, or the most extensive and luxurious range of knives that you can imagine. And everything with the same quality that has made the brand so famous.  



    Established in the French Alps in 1890, the Opinel brand is famous worldwide for the practical series of pocket knives numbered according to its size, and above all, for the patented  pocket knife lock, its famous rotating ring-shaped lock .The quality of its blades , both the steel for the most modern and the carbon steel for the classics, and the simplicity of its handles (always using wood, horns and high quality materials) have made the Opinel  knife  a favorite for many fans. 



    The Pennellificio Omega Spa , known worldwide by the Greek letter that gives it its name, is an Italian factory founded in 1946 and specialized in the production, entirely in Italy, of quality shaving brushes. Since its models in fiber, to badger hair and luxurious handles all share the same " quality Omega " recognized for its loyal customers who return, after many years of use, for a new model. 



    Since 1814 the family business ED.WÜSTHOF DREIZACKWERK KG manufactures knives and other tools of high quality. The trident brand is now one of the world manufacturing leaders of exceptional  knives, and still goes on producing all its knives at its last generation  factory in Solingen.

    Wüsthof knife is ergonomic, very well balanced and it lasts almost for ever. The Wüsthof catalog is extensive, but all component parts are designed with the same pattern: no concessions to mediocrity. 

  • EKA


    The Swedish brand EKA ( EKA - knivar AB ) has been producing quality knives and blades since 1882. And it makes it with a difficult combination to achieve: craft production with technology. Its designs are both stylish and practical at the same time: abundant use of birch in their handles , its blades are all made of the famous Swedish steel Sandvik 12C27. The high level of its products has became EKA "supplier of the Royal House of Sweden ". 



    Since its first steps in the late 30s of last century, until today, the Aitor brand has managed to carve out a deserved reputation as a manufacturer of quality pieces, robust and durable . His multi-tool pocket knives , both the older red and the unmistakable green ones, are highly valued by amateurs and professionals. Its expertise in the world of military and survival  knife has made Aitor provider of many organism and armies worldwide. 



    What company can boast of offering its customers a 25 year guarantee on the products it manufactures ? The answer is Leatherman , the world 's leading manufacturer of multi-tool .

    The products of the brand from Portland have been showing for many years  their reliability in the hands of experienced professionals, DIY amateurs and outdoor fans as well.   and outdoor 

  • DOVO


    The brand Dovo  began its production in Solingen in 1906 , focusing on manufacturing of quality  straight razors . After the Second World War, and the emergence of the electric shaver , Dovo diversified its product line into the manufacture of scissors and other accessories. Currently its portfolio includes its famous razors, along with all sorts of accessories for them, as well as items for body care of the highest quality. 



    San Jorge Cutlery  was founded in 1976. Since then , the catalog of the firm fromAlbacete has become one of the most complete in the market today. Aimed at both the professional and the amateur sector, its range of cookware is huge, and its quality-price ratio, exceptional. Its wide range of knives, both laminated and forged persuades even the most reluctant proffessionals; the number of ham  forged knives  is one of the best in the market . 



    What at the beginning was a small engineering firm it has become, after more than 90 years , in a major international brand. The success story of Braun can be summarized as: life-changing innovations , technological reliability and design of the highest level. Their shavers and other appliances are products designed to improve consumers' lives and give meaning to their slogan " Designed to make a difference " . 



    Nogent factory is located near the French town that give it its name, a very important production center of cutlery and surgical instruments. Its small knife, in all its varieties (polypropylene , wood) is prized by cooks , both amateur and professional . Its folding scissors is simply unmatched.

    Nogent production exceeds 10 million items , exporting outside France more than 30% of its production. 



    Joker cutlery company, founded in 1987, has managed to blend both craft as technological component in the production of knives and blades. The handles are made of the finest material : deer horn, buffalo , bull , wood ... blades are impeccably finished and proudly present the AB label, ie , made ​​in Albacete, something that many can not boast. Wide and well-structured range, with quality products for all budgets.  



    Set up in 1998, it is the only manufacturer of the famous Belgian Blue Whetstone and Cotícula or Belgian yellow stone . The difference between them is the amount of garnets they have (more the latter) and the content of metal oxides. The veins of the quarry are larger and more regular in the case of the blue stone, therefore larger  sharpening stones are obtained than in the case of cotícula (yellow one). 



    Dianova AB is a Swedish company that since the early 90s has been developing , producing and selling diamond sharpeners . The quality of these is demonstrated by the many awards the company has received, and the satisfaction of consumers. Its range of diamond sharpeners is suitable for both catering professional sss and hunters, fishermen and anyone seeking to keep their knife in perfect condition. 



    The firm established in Thiers (French capital of cutlery) has been producing quality and reliable  knives for several generations . In its product range are room for both luxurious knives with hand-crafted fine materials (Thiers and Cappuccino series ) and simpler but equally reliable and robust models: among the latter is the famous Douk - Douk , which is a marvel for its simplicity and quality of its forged blade. 



    Combining traditional manufacturing quality craftsmanship with modern cutting technologies , the most advanced materials in the manufacture of blades ( powder steel VG-10 , Damascus ... ) and the most noble and exotic materials in the production of hnadles the Japanese firm Mcusta is synonymous with  exception. Also aptly combining elements of Japanese and Western design , we can say without doubt that every blade that leaves the factory brand from Seki is a work of art. 



    Ramón González has been in the business of Cutlery for a long time. Recently he started manufacturing his own products under the Salamander, RGC and Azero brands. The result begins to be seen in pieces that combine perfectly craftsmanship with high quality manufacturing . The use of quality materials , with a very good taste in design, are accompanied by reasonable prices. There is reserved  even a small room within the RGC brand for exceptional pieces, made in limited quantities, which are highly valued by collectors. 



    Founded by Oreste Frati in 1977 in Maniago, cradle of Italian artisan cutlery. The initials of the founder, the other way round, are the origin of the brand´s name , with a clear meaning in English. The Italian company, using materials and innovative manufacturing techniques have created magnificent knives and pocket knives, which have soon reached the esteem of the most demanding enthusiasts and professionals . Proof of this is that Fox is official NATO supplier code AG180. 

  • PUMA


    Set up in 1769 , Puma is one of the legendary brands that have made Solingen  become the German city of cutlery. With a vast range of products , covering almost all aspects of quality cutlery , with the most advanced manufacturing processes of the moment, and yet with the craft know-how that characterizes and distinguishes the outstanding from the good. Their products range , which suit all budgets, are sold under the brands Puma, Puma TEC and Puma IP . 

  • Gilles Fontenille-Pataud

    Gilles Fontenille-Pataud

    The manufacturer of high quality cutlery Fontenille - Pataud was founded in Thiers, France, in 1929. Soon he specialized in the production of table knives and pocket knives , using the best materials of the time. The brand was acquired in 1994 by the current owner, Gilles Steinberg, that moving away from mass production, has chosen , with huge success, quality production, individualized . The best machinery and materials and a 100 % French production, make the Auvergne brand one of the greatest exponents of the French cutlery in the world. 

  • Talleres ILSA

    Talleres ILSA

    Manufacturer of kitchenware products since 1963. Its facilities of 12,000 m2 host all phases of the production process: pressing, welding, polishing , mechanize and assembly. Among its most innovative and popular products is the Nutcracker, which adds corkscrew  of Champagne bottles as a bonus with great success. It has been the subject of numerous copies, none of them reaching the quality of the original Ilsa. 

  • Giesen & Forsthoff -TIMOR-

    Giesen & Forsthoff -TIMOR-

    Founded in 1920 by Paul Giesen and Eugen Forsthoff, with its production plantstill placed in the heart of the "district of Solingen Steel " which is the Baumstrasse. The Company, under the trade name of TIMOR has been one of the favorite brands for barbers , hairdressers and beauticians. Today the company, which exports worldwide, can boast of being one of the few global manufacturers who have the means, the expertise ( 100 years ) and precision to produce their own barbers or straight razors. 



    German manufacturer from Solingen who has been providing accessory material to the shaving industry worldwide for ages. It is famous for its razor strops, both versions of hanging and handeled.The strops are long lasting and of premium-quality . The brand, using the best leather (preferably Russian bovine) provides all razor-shaving fan with the best products in the market. )))) 



    Deejo is a French company founded in 2010 with the aim to create a very light pocket knife, easy to carry and of the highest quality. Initially aimed at walkers, its beauty and functionality have made it popular among everybody who needs a good knife for everyday use. The pocket knives weighs between 15 and 37 grams !! 

  • KAI


    Todo lo que se vaya a desarrollar, Tokio ya lo tiene...Así presume la compañia fundada en Seki  en 1908 de su bagaje tecnológico y cultural. Ahora KAI es un gigante mundial de la cuchillería japonesa en todas sus facetas, con avances e innovaciones constantes que siempre tienen en mente el origen de la cuchillería japonesa extrema: la forja de las antiguas espadas samurais...

  • Juan Luis Vergara

    Juan Luis Vergara

    Perteneciente a la tercera generación familiar en el negocio de la cuchillería, Juan Luis Vergara ha dado el salto al producir sus propias navajas. Estas son artesanas en el verdadero sentido de la palabra, pues él, partiendo de materiales de primera clase y en algunos casos excepcionales, ha puesto todo su saber para fabricar navajas como las de toda la vida, pero con un verdadero plus en calidad y acabados...pues artesano no va reñido con producción de altísimo nivel, como este es el caso.

  • J.J. Martínez

    J.J. Martínez

    Fundada en 1951 por Juan José Martínez, la empresa de Santa Cruz de Mudela lleva desde entonces fabricando artesanalmente navajas y cuchillos clasicos españoles. Artesanalmente significa aquí poniendo cuidado en cada detalle de cada pieza, y emplenado los más clasicos materiales para que cada pieza sea casi única. Variada y amplia gama de navajas clásicas, en la que destaca su serie Árabe fabricada en cuerno de toro y asta de ciervo, con su inconfundible carraca que tanto atrae a los aficionados.



    La marca sajona Mühle lleva fabricando productos de calidad para el afeitado desde 1945. Ahora, en manos de la tercera generación familiar, la marca de Stützengrün vende y distribuye sus productos por todo el mundo. La precisión, calidad y diseño de todos sus productos, hace de estos, óbjetos codiciados por los entusiastas del afeitado. Sus maquinillas de afeitar reunen precisión alemana con diseño italiano, al igual que sus juegos y sets para el afeitado. 



    Empresa de cuchillería de calidad fundada en Maniago, Italia, en 1950. Desde entonces, y siempre con estándares de calidad muy altos, la marca ha ido haciéndose un hueco en el corazón de los aficionados a la cuchillería. Materiales nobles, procesos de fabricación muy rigurosos, y luego ese diseño italliano tan inconfundible...En su amplio catálogo hay una excelente colección de navajas en miniatura, auténtica joya de la cuchillería a pequeña escala.

  • FELIX Solingen Gmbh

    FELIX Solingen Gmbh

    Fundada en Wuppertal en 1843 por Karl Gustav Felix (aunque su actividad se remonta a 1790), Felix Solingen Gmbh es una de las marcas de cuchillería mas antiguas del mundo. Y porque no decirlo, una de las más elitistas: porque sigue fabricando integramente su producción en Solingen, y porque lo sigue haciendo a mano según un proceso de 45 etapas. Con los mejores materiales del mercado, y con unos acabados y terminación que quitan el hipo. 

  • Nagomi


    Mitsuboshi Cutlery Company has been producing fine cutlery, edged tools and, in an earlier time, Samurai swords, since 1873. With almost 150 years of experience and in the hands of the same family since inception for 5 generations, they are amongst the most experienced makers of knives in Japan. The Nagomi Collection is their finest range of kitchen knives.